Review of Crowdfunding Regulation 2017

Interpretations of existing regulation concerning crowdfunding in Europe, North America and Israel

October 2017 Discover

Federal Council puts new fintech rules into force

Bern, 05.07.2017 – During its meeting on 5 July 2017, the Federal Council adopted an amendment of the Banking Ordinance. It will enter into force on 1 August 2017. The revision should ensure that barriers to market entry for fintech firms are reduced and that the competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre is enhanced.

July 2017 Discover

Position de la Swiss Crowdfunding Association lors de la consultation du Conseil Fédéral sur la nouvelle réglementation FinTech

May 2017 Discover

Travail de mémoire Unil – Valentin Marclay

Les facteurs clés de succès dans le domaine du crowdfunding sportif : le cas “I Believe In You”

August 2016 Discover

Crowdfunding Monitoring Switzerland 2016

In 2015, CHF 27.3 million (+73%) was raised for 1,342 campaigns in Switzerland, Crowdlending posted the highest growth from 2014 to 2015 (+127%, to CHF 7.9m), followed by reward-based crowdfunding and crowddonating (+60%, to CHF 12.3m) and crowdinvesting (+54%, to CHF 7.1m). CHF 65 million was raised within six years through crowdfunding in Switzerland. More than 90,000 people backed crowdfunding projects in Switzerland in 2015.Around 40 crowdfunding platforms were operating in Switzerland as of the end of April 2016.

January 2016 Discover

FinTech financial services providers

FINMA encourages innovation and competitiveness in the Swiss financial marketplace. If you are embracing technological change and you intend launching a FinTech company or providing FinTech financial services, here you will find initial information about financial market regulation.


September 2015 Discover

Crowdfunding: A necessary evolution

Presentation from Vincent Pignon, President of the Swiss Crowdfunding Association during the Innovaud / CVCI Event

June 2015 Discover