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La révolution blockchain va bousculer jusqu’à Uber

Vincent Pignon, professeur à la HEG-SO de Genève a expliqué, quant à lui, devant un public conquis la révolution qu’apportera la blockchain. Cette technologie de stockage et de transmission d’informations sans organe de contrôle va bouleverser le monde comme l’a fait Internet au milieu des années 1990: «Le monde sera redessiné par la blockchain et les réseaux peer to peer». «Uber va se faire ubériser»: C’est le cas déjà actuellement avec la plateforme blockchain Arcade City qui met en lien chauffeurs et utilisateurs sans passer par un intermédiaire.

Airbnb et les autres plateformes communautaires seraient déjà au taquet pour essayer de retarder au maximum leur disparition déjà programmée selon Vincent Pignon. La blockchain sera également utilisée en médecine, dans la finance et en politique. L’Etat de Genève étant d’ailleurs pionnier en la matière tout comme l’Ukraine qui a instauré un système de votations ultra sécurisé grâce à ce système d’«Open e-democracy plateform». L’expert en crowdfunding a également évoqué l’importance de la blockchain dans le développement des cryptomonnaies.

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Issues ICO Guidance

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has published guidelines on initial coin offerings (ICOs). Switzerland, as many people know, is a hot bed of ICOs and cryptocurrency in general. Switzerland has recognized the newfound prominence in this sector of Fintech and has sought to create a regulatory environment that balances investor protection with an ecosystem that is conducive to innovation. FINMA’s response today was driven, in part, to the numerous requests they were receiving for guidance.


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Ne dites plus «IPO», mais «ICO»

Les «initial coin offerings» permettent à des start-up de lever des fonds rapidement grâce à des monnaies virtuelles. Elles sont à mi-chemin entre l’entrée en bourse et le crowdfunding. Toujours plus populaires, elles sont néanmoins très risquées

Report: Crowdfunding Monitoring Switzerland

Lucerne University in Switzerland is out with their annual report on crowdfunding in the country. This is the third year in a row that the report has been published. The “Crowdfunding Monitoring Switzerland 2016 tracks the growth and trends in this sector of finance.

In the introduction, Prof. Dr. Andreas Dietrich, states;

In previous years, we have usually commented that the market had grown rapidly, but the absolute volumes of funding remained at a low level. This year, though, the market has grown markedly in percentage as well as in absolute terms. For the first time, crowdfunding has been instrumental in raising substantially more than CHF 100 million. This compares to just under CHF 28 million in the previous year. The structure of the market has also changed greatly: as expected, real estate crowdinvesting and the financing of SMEs via crowdfunding (business crowdlending) have made considerable contributions to this growth.

The platforms in these two segments witnessed markedly higher transaction volumes. On the investor side, this has increasingly sparked the interest of professional investors capable of supplying the requisite volumes. Given these fundamental changes in 2016, we are expecting 2017 to again witness a substantial acceleration in growth.

As of April 2016 there were 50 crowdfunding platforms in operation in Switzerland. This was an increase by 10 versus year prior.

Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority Presentation on Initial Coin Offering Regulation

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has published a deck on initial coin offerings. FINMA has scheduled a series of roundtable meetings in collaboration with the Swiss Crypto Valley Association. The first Roundtable took place last week in Zug, Switzerland. In February, FINMA issued a clarification of sorts regarding the regulatory status of ICOs noting its intent to foster innovation and support the nascent industry that has bloomed in the Alpine nation.

The presentation by FINMA is interesting has it provides additional insight and color into their approach and thought process regarding tokenized securities and utility tokens. FINMA states that it will “push for the removal of unnecessary regulatory obstacles for innovative business models while having zero tolerance for criminal behavior.

Switzerland and the Global Regulatory Competition for ICOs

The CryptoSummit 2018 organized by Blockchain startup Smart Valor gathered more than 1,000 attendees from 47 countries in Zurich. One of the recurring themes of the conference presentations was the regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Many participants pointed out that there is now an open competition between countries to attract ICOs. They debated, among other issues, whether the Swiss regulatory environment will continue to support the current leadership of Switzerland as a preferred location for ICOs in Europe.