A great way to support selected local SME’s looking to raise funds to generate growth.

Bee invested

Investing in startups has been, for too long, characterized by exorbitant investment tickets and high risks. So far only wealthy investors (business angels) and institutional investors (investment funds) had a chance to invest in tomorrow’s “Google” or “Facebook”. Bee Invested revolutionizes investing in innovative startups by lowering investment entry tickets in order to better mobilize the capabilities of the “crowd” and reduce investor’s capital at risk. By mixing private and institutional investors to invest in startups, we will draw more private capital to high added value innovative projects.


C-Crowd is a crowdinvesting platform for innovative start-ups looking for investors. Interested persons can thus become co-owners of young companies with minimal contributions. The platform works with several renowned partners who facilitate the meeting between donors and companies.


With CONDA you are investing in companies with personality.
Starting from 100 Euro you can support companies from Austria, Germany and Switzerland and benefit in a long-term from their success.

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crowdhouse est une entreprise innovante de FinTech, qui permet à tous d’investir de façon simple et transparente dans l’immobilier suisse.


Foxstone est une plateforme de Crowdfunding Immobilier offrant une opportunité unique d’acquérir une fraction d’un immeuble en copropriété.

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investiere is a leading online venture capital investment platform for a global community of top investors and entrepreneurs that finances high-potential startups.


Plateforme suisse de financement participatif crowdinvesting immobilier.


Raizers propose aux entreprises de lever des fonds auprès des internautes grâce à sa plateforme en ligne, sans passer par les circuits de financement traditionnels.


Stoneclub is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows investors to invest in all kinds of properties throughout Switzerland.