On 100-days.net, initiators (musicians, artists, designers … you!) Present their projects to a large number of individuals, called boosters, fund within 100 days.



Mit der Digitalisierung werden die Karten in allen Geschäfts- und Lebensbereichen neu gemischt. Aus diesem Grund unterstützen wir als inhabergeführte Full Service-Agentur seit 2006 unsere Kundinnen und Kunden in integrierter Kommunikation, Online Marketing, politischen Kampagnen und der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Strategien zur Digitalisierung.


Swiss platform for donors supporting non-profit organizations.




GivenGain enables non-profits to boost their fundraising income with tools that empower their supporters to fundraise on their behalf.



Le portail de crowdfunding de Raiffeisen pour les associations, les institutions et les particuliers avec des projets d’utilité publique. Collectez facilement et gratuitement de l’argent, du matériel, bénéficiez d’interventions de bénévoles ou faites un don sur heroslocaux.ch

Das Crowdfunding-Portal von Raiffeisen für Vereine, Institutionen und Privatpersonen mit gemeinnützigen Projekten. Einfach und kostenlos Geld, Material oder Helfereinsätze sammeln und spenden auf lokalhelden.ch


I believe in you

I believe in you was created by two top athletes and is exclusively for sports projects. From amateur to professional sports, from individual athletes to teams and associations, there are all kinds of projects here. The platform cooperates with large companies that offer a small initial lump sum for each project.


I care for you

I care for you describes itself as “Switzerland’s leading crowdfunding platform for social and humanitarian projects”.




MOBOO.ch is a global but local Swiss funding platform for innovative and creative projects. Micro-entrepreneurship is our motto…you got idea or you got money…but you got launched and you keep full control of your creative idea while you do not need to go to your local bank to beg for money. The principles are simple; to support each other whatever you do!



La piat­ta­for­ma di cro­w­d­fun­ding progettiamo.ch è pro­mos­sa dai quat­tro Enti Regionali per lo Sviluppo (ERS) pre­sen­ti in Can­ton Tici­no.