Switzerland First in Ranking of Top 10 Most Blockchain-Friendly Countries in Europe

Switzerland is ranked number one in a list of the top ten European countries for starting a blockchain company, according to a study released by blockchain conference BlockShow Europe 2018.

In the list of best countries for starting a blockchain company, Gibraltar and Malta follow Switzerland in second and third respectively. The study consisted of 48 European countries that were examined for rankings by Initial Coin Offering(ICO) regulations, regulations on crypto as a payment service, and taxation frameworks for crypto.

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5 projets de crowdfunding auxquels on croit

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« I believe in you » intègre la plateforme Fosburit

Il y a quelques jours, le site de crowdfunding français Fosburit a annoncé son rachat par « I believe in you ». Avec cette acquisition à 100%, la société originaire de suisse étend sa présence en Europe avec 4 marchés principaux que sont la Suisse, la Norvège, l’Autriche et la France.

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Swiss ICO market ‘is not a Wild West’

A senior Swiss government official has dismissed fears that a new method of funding for crypto start-ups has mushroomed out of control. Last year, such firms raked in an estimated CHF850 million ($890 million) in Switzerland using a novel form of capital raising known as “initial coin offering” (ICO).

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Switzerland Settles as the World’s Leading ICO Hub

The Swiss are smart.  They have always been with money. In last 20 years, Switzerland has progressively lost its appeal as the former secret banking centre of the world.  This has dramatically changed the landscape among Swiss professionals – mainly lawyers and fiduciaries – which have progressively lost clients and businesses and had to look for new areas of opportunities. And now they have been the fastest and smartest in jumping at this new business opportunity.  And this time the potential is really immense for the Confederation.

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Switzerland embraces cryptocurrency culture

In other countries, politicians express concern about the cryptocurrency craze, citing worries about security, regulation, volatility and a speculative bubble. Not in Switzerland. The affluent Alpine country wanted “to be the crypto-nation”, Johann Schneider-Ammann, economics minister, told journalists as he arrived for a private crypto finance conference in St Moritz last week. Of the 10 biggest proposed initial coin offerings — by which start-ups raise funds by selling tokens — four have used Switzerland as a base, according to PwC.

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Bringing Swiss order to initial coin offerings

Switzerland, as a financial centre, has a double reputation. On the one hand, clockwork: practical, competent, reliable. On the other, chocolate: indulgent and dark. The country’s private banks are still living down their reputations as facilitators of tax evasion. It is natural, then, that there should be knowing smiles at the news that Switzerland is keen to become a hub for cryptocurrency finance, and initial coin offerings in particular.

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